Photo Stock freebie, get 30 free photos!

Here you can download over 30 completely free stock photos! The photos cover some different topics from and are selection from the complete stock bundle. The photos are 1600 x 1071 pixels and there are 10 images in 3 different styles. There are no fees to download the stock photos, and they come with a royalty free license so you can use them in all types of media, for worldwide distribution, forever! You can even use them in commercial projects—always free!

Blurred backgrounds

The blurred backgrounds are included in the photo stock bundle.


OS User Interface Design freebie PSD

OS UI Design based on functions from the Synology DMS 4.2 with a new point of view. It’s was a studycase for myself to create an OS user interface. Tried to keep everything as consistent as possible and did some soft ‘re-branding’ for the applications (stations). Get the PSD for free and see how it’s made.

FlatPad user interface PSD bundle

For creative minds, there’s nothing scarier than staring at a blank screen. Sure it’s exciting to try out new designs and layouts but it can also be a frightening experience to take that first step. When you’re looking to add design elements to a website or app, you first need to get the overall style down before building out all the necessary pieces. Want some help getting started? Maybe something to kickstart your project faster than you can imagine? Check out the FlatPad User Interface PSD Bundle!


Looking for some solid textures as backgrounds to your print or online project? You’ll find here almost 100 solid background textures that will add a richness and fullness to your next design project.


Bundle release special offer

Are you looking for some new stock photos or background images and you’re on a low budget? This solid photo stock bundle is something to think about. You’ll get more than 230 high quality stock photos with an extended royalty-free license, which means you can use them for yourself or for your clients, for online or print and use them unlimited times without restriction. All stock photos are 100% exclusive at ±3820x2545 pixels @72dpi in size.

Introduction offer
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